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Other functional sheets

Other functional sheets:

Non-slip sheet "THE STOP SHEET" for wet area / Near-NON series Rat(animal)-proof sheet,tape,mesh sheet / Antibacterial and deodorant mesh sheet/Flood prevention easy waterbag

Non-slip sheet "THE STOP SHEET" for wet area

This sheet is based on polyester fiber and coated with modfied ABS elastomeric resin. Microscopic bores and asperities are evenly located on the surface.

Rat-proof / guard sheet & tape

This sheet contains chemically-synthesized capsaicin, a pungent component of red pepper, has a repellent effect to animals, protecting valuable food and products against animals.

Antibacterial and deodorant mesh sheet

This sheet has bactericidal effects and even prevents mildew, also adsorb malodorous components and degrade.

Flood prevention Easy Waterbag

Our new product is easy waterbag replacement of sandbag for
early watertight countermeasure of urban disaster prevention.