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Other functional sheets

Rat-proof tape, sheet, cable cover & mesh sheet:"Near-NON" Series

Our "Near-NON" series (tape, sheet, cable cover and mesh sheet) contain chemically-synthesized capsaicin, a pungent component of red pepper, has a repellent effect to animals, protecting valuable food and products against animals. Microencapsulated capsaicin is used. -> This produces higher repellent effect, compared to the condition where the capsaicin substance is uniformly-dispersed.

"Near-Non" Rat(animal)-proof/guard tape

Protecting electric wire or cable by winding it with this product; preventing damage by rats; and preventing the entry of rats into buildings by stopping gaps with this product.

Catalog→ "Neat-NON"Rat (animal)-proof / guard tape

"Near-NON" Rat(animal)-proof / guard sheet

For rat-proof sheets in grain warehouses, partitions in food plants, packaging covers for food, fences in agricultural land, etc.

Catalog → "Near-NON" Rat(animal)-proof / guard sheet

"Near-NON" Rat(animal)-proof / guard cable cover

This rat-proof cable cover with hook and loop fastener can be easily attached to electric codes/cables and other materials to protect them from animal damages .The cover can be used to protect electric wires and cables from damage by rats by wrapping (covering) them.

The cover can be used to protect electric wires and cables from damage by rats or other animals by wrapping (covering) them.

Catalog→"Near-NON" Rat(animal)-proof / guard cable cover

"Near-NON" Rat(animal)-proof / guard mesh sheet

For rat-proof mesh sheet as bird net, fences in agricultural land, etc.

The mesh-type sheet can be used as a bird net, and also as a border net for agricultural land to protect the land from damage by wild boars or monkeys! It can be used as a net for garbage collection places, too.

Catalog → "Near-NON" Rat(animal) proof / guard mesh sheet

Product feature

Tape type basic size : W195mm x L9.5M, W 50mm x L9.5M

Sheet type basic size : W1000mm x L10M

Cable Cover basic size : φ50mm x L50M φ75mm x L50M φ90mm x L50M 

Mesh sheet basic size : W1890mm x L50M tolerance

Main raw material : Cloth with chemically-synthesized capsaicin, a pungent component of red pepper. In the three-year equivalent weathering accelerating test, 80 percent of the capsaicin component remained.

Our proprietary compounding technique has allowed both safety and great repellent effect. The PVC resin contains microencapsulated capsaicin. Since the active ingredients remain for a sufficient period of time, the effect lasts long.

Foundation cloth: tensile strength- longitudinal 1688N, lateral 1241N, 3cm; coefficient of extension - longitudinal 23.7%, lateral 39.0%; tear strength - longitudinal 112N, lateral 106N; The effect may differ according to individual difference of rats. This product neither completely prevents damages nor completely protects goods.

*Please wear protective gloves, glasses and mask not to expose the skin when using these products,
also, long sleeve shirts and longs.
**Please do not cover food directly with these products.

Rat repellent effect test

Normal sheets were bitten by rats ............... Near-NON sheets were not bitten by rats
<Test method>
・Test with 10 rats
・Set both sheets in same cage for 8 days to observe which sheet and how much would be bitten by rats
In the rat avoidance test, the product was not eaten.