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Heat and Cold insulating, heat shielding sheets

Heat and cold insulating, heat shielding sheets:

Aluminium adhesive heat-shielding sheet / Heat-shielding & cool-insulating curtain at factories and for logistics / Heat-shielding, cool-insulating(heat-retention) cushion sheet / Heat-reflection white sheet

Aluminum adhesive heat-shielding sheet

This is a single-sided adhesive tape-type sheet where a specially treated rolled aluminum base is coated with acrylic resin. It is a sheet designed for heat shielding with excellent corrosion resistance.

Heat-shielding and cool-insulating curtain at factories and for logistics

This sheet is a heat-shielding and cool insulating curtain made from aluminum evaporation vinyl chloride material. It has excellent heat shielding property, strength and flexibility.

Heat-shielding, cool-insulating(heat-retention) cushion sheet

Make-to-order, heat-shielding and cool-insulating/heat-retention covers for pallets and cage trollerys, and bags(for business purpose), coffin cover etc in accordance with desired sizes.

Heat-reflection white sheet for roof

Suppressing the rise in indoor temperature by attaching this product on the rooftop / roof!
It has well weathering resistance and can be used outside!

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