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Heat and Cold insulating, heat shielding sheets

Heat-reflection sheet for Roof

Product feature

A simple sheet (thickness 0.19mm) made from Polyethylene has well weathering resistance and can be used outside for long period of time.
Suppressing the rise in indoor temperature by only attaching this sheet on the rooftop/ roof!

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There are countless microvoid on the sheet so that it has effect of light-reflecting and heat-reflecting.

This sheet can be attached /detached easily, so you can attach/detach seasonally.

Usage Example

Heat-resistant for roof of factories, warehouses, cattle sheds and houses.
This sheet can be used as temporary outside storage heat resistration product cover.


Thickness : 0.19mm

Size : 1800mm x 50M

Color : White

Material : Polyethylene

Weight : 140g/u

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