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Heat and Cold insulating, heat shielding sheets

Heat-shielding and cool-insulating curtain at factories and for logistics


Product feature

This sheet is a heat-shielding and cool insulating curtain made from aluminum evaporation vinyl chloride material.
It has excellent heat shielding property, strength and flexibility.
The traditional product has a problem with handleability; it was stiff and crunchy under cold conditions,
making it difficult to wind the curtain. However, using an aluminum-evaporated polyvinyl chloride sheet that is excellent in heat-shielding property, intensity and flexibility has solved this problem!
It is resistant to climate, including ultraviolet light, and highly durable, and thus it can also be used outdoors.


This product is excellent in heat-shielding and heat-insulating effects and high in intensity. It blocks cold and warm air. It has a heat-insulating property resulting from infrared reflection and a heat-shielding property resulting from visible light reflection. Since it contains special polyvinyl chloride, it is highly flexible, making it fit to cargo.
It is not stiff and thus does not damage cargo. It can be used as both interior and exterior linings of covering material.


Catalog → heat- and cold-insulating curtain for factories and for logistics

Usage Example

For heat-shielding and cool-insulating sheets; heat-shielding and cool-insulating curtains for refrigerators preventing the cold air from flowing out of refrigerating vehicles when loading and unloading goods in refrigerators; heat-shielding curtains in factories and manufacturing sites; heat-shielding sheets for existing tent warehouses and roofs; heat-shielding sheets for existing building roofs; and heat-shielding and cool-insulating sheets for truck loading platforms etc


Thickness : 0.2mm

Weight : 420g/u

Size : 90cm x 10m, 42cm x 10m, 15cm x 10m

Color : Silver

Main raw material : aluminum base is coated with acrylic resin

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