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Antibacterial and deodorant mesh sheet:

This antibacterial and deodorant mesh sheet contains micronized oxidized mineral ore and bamboo charcoal.
Oxidized mineral ore generates negative ions by stimulation of light, ultraviolet light and wind.
These negative ions have antibacterial and odor eliminating effects.
In theory, these effects last forever as long as there is stimulation of light, ultraviolet light and wind.
Furthermore, countless pores in bamboo charcoal adsorb odorous substances.

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Product feature

Antibacterial effect: This mesh sheet keeps away bacteria from developing.
It is effective in preventing mold from growing.Odor eliminating effect:
This mesh sheet adsorbs and decomposes odorous substances.
Stability: It repeatedly adsorbs and decomposes odorous substances and thus the effect lasts long.
Flame proofness: It is certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association.


It can be used to prevent mold from growing in, for example, closed warehouses.
It can be used to prevent mold from growing in tatami and other rooms of closed houses.
Odor eliminating effect (waste-collection points):Bad smells that tend to be generated at waste-collection points -> ammonia (urine-like odor) Trimethylamine (rotten fish-like odor) Methylmercaptan (rotten onion-like odor), etc.
Other everyday odor -> isovaleric acid (stuffy socks-like odor), etc.


Type 03 size : W189mm x L50M 450g/u

Type 32 size : W189mm x L50M 230g/u