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Non-slip sheet "THE STOP SHEET" for wet area:

Spend a safe life using this nonslip sheet!! This sheet is based on polyester fiber and coated with modified ABS elastomeric resin. Microscopic bores and asperities are evenly located on the surface.

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Product feature

This sheet have a high grip on human bodies, fabric, wood, metal boards, glass boards, etc.
Since it contains no protein material, it can be safely used by allergic persons.
No mold grows on this sheet. No silicon oil is transferred due to contact friction.
Since it does not get frayed, it can be cut freely.
It is resistant to heat (no change is made for 5 hours at the temperature of 100 deg C).
No controlled harmful substances are contained and used during the production process.
There are two types: a single-sided adhesive type (It is a seal-type where the back side is adhesive.
It is resistant to chlorine and copper and exclusively designed for usage under water and at wet areas.) and double-sided nonslip type (It is a double-sided sheet made by bonding two single-sided sheet.)

Usage Example

Perfect as a non-slip tool at wet areas such as bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens. It can be used as non-slip tools at doorways of private bathrooms, hotel swimming baths, public baths, etc., non-slip sheets at wet areas, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. and non-slip devices for tools used in kitchens, washrooms and other wet areas.

Product feature

One-sided adhesive type basic size : W 1300mm x L 10M Thickness 0.5mm
MOQ : 1 Roll~

Double-sided nonslip type basic size : W 430mm x L 860mm Thickness 0.7mm
MOQ 20sheets/one set ~
Main raw material : polyester fiber and coated with modfied ABS elastomeric resin