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Anti-drop belt for carts and cage trolleys:

Product feature

This is easy-to-mount belt made from flexible fabric to prevent cargos from dropping as replacement for streching films.Tighten and fix cargos firmly! Reusable repeatedly! No waste is generated, contribute to CO2 emissions reduction. "Anti-drop belt for carts and cage trolleys" fixing cargos by binding them tight with stretching cloth. It is light and easy to mount and remove.

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Usage Example

This is an easy-to-mount belt made of stretching fabric to prevent cargos on carts, cage trolleys, etc. from dropping. It can be used as replacement for a stretching film. It can be mounted by just binding it round cargo, and is also easy to remove, making operations very easy! Since the material is light and a worker can mount and remove it by themselves, it can reduce worker's burden. For transporting cargos with carts and cage trolleys in plants, warehouses, stores, etc. and preventing cargos from dropping.


Basic Size : W 50cm Whole circumference 3.26M~3.43M or 3.60M~3.88M