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Heat resistant sheets

One-sided resin coating Basalt heat resistant cloth

Product feature

Heat resistant property is realy well, flame blocking temperature is approximaterly 1200℃,
within the limits of 300℃~500℃, it shows well heat thermal resistance. Also, cold resistant property is well,
this product stants and proofs against very low temperature down to -260℃.
Well weather resistance, it can be used outside.

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Highly-selected fibers of not less than 9 micron in diameter, meets the safety standards,
therefore it is safe in health. It is subject to replacement from asbestos products.
This sheet does not produce noxious fumes.
It has quality to last long against radiation degradation, so that it is used for as heat-resistant material of
gas turbine at new clear power plant..
Well fire-resistance performance, so that it is used for as fire-retardant covering material of
electric power cable.

Usage exsample

・Fire safely sheet / partation of buildings
・Insulator material for exhaust muffler of cars, motor bikes and furnaces
・Heat insulating material for liquid nitrogen tanks and pipes
・Compound material reinforcement
・Fire-retardant covering material for electrical power cable


Operating Temperature : -260℃~350℃

Continuosly-used highest temperature : 550℃

Flame blocking temperature : 1200℃

Meltdown temperature : 1350℃

Width 1500mm x Length 50M / per roll

Thickness 0.34mm        Weight 380g / ㎡

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